Holidays in Rovinj

Rovinj is half way up the western Istrian coast and is easily accessible from all directions: you can reach it by car in one hour from Trieste, 2.5 hours from Zagreb or 6 hours from Munich.

In addition to its quaint old town rich in cultural and historic sites, Rovinj is also known for its beautiful natural surroundings, such as the Golden Cape (Zlatni Rt) Forest Park, its protected islands and its varied coastline. These are some of the reasons why so many regular visitors continue to come here year after year.

In the summertime, Rovinj offers its guests a packed calendar of events, including Rovinj Photodays, the Summer Salsa Festival, Kultfest, the Lugger Regatta and the traditional Rovinj Night. The celebration of the feast day of St. Euphemia, patron saint of Rovinj, is a special event.

Rovinj has on average 134 days of sunshine every year, which makes it the third sunniest town on the Adriatic coast. The average annual air temperature in Rovinj is 13.5°C with 766.8 mm of precipitation. The climate is warm and moderately dry, without any significant wind for more than one third of the year. Elsewhere in the region, such a favourable microclimate can only be found in Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj and on the Brijuni islands.

Apart from traditional activities such as fishing, agriculture, wine growing and wine production, local people today are mostly engaged in tourism.

General information

Population: 14,234
Area: 80 km2
Population density: 178 people per km2
Climate: Mediterranean climate (January 5°C to 9°C, August 22°C to 25°C)
Sea temperature: Average sea temperature in June 22°C, July 24°C, and in August and September 23°C

Tourist Attractions

Historical monuments and sites of interest in Rovinj:

  • Church of St. Euphemia
  • the Baroque Balbi Arch
  • Watchtower with the Lion of St. Mark
  • St. Thomas' Church
  • Church of the Holy Cross
  • Chapel of the Holy Trinity
  • Franciscan Monastery
  • Museum of Local History
  • Batana House Eco-Museum
  • Rovinj Aquarium (Ruđer Bošković Institute)
  • Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) Forest Park
  • Palud Bird Reserve
  • Sv. Andrija (St. Andrew) Island

Top 10 things to do in Rovinju

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Istria Experience

1. Climb the Tower of St. Euphemia

A central part of the panorama of the old town of Rovinj, the 62-metre-high bell tower of the Church of St. Euphemia, the highest of its kind in Istria, offers a magnificent view of the town and the surrounding archipelago. It was built in the 17th century based on the model of St. Mark's Campanile in Venice. At the top, there is a 4.7-metre bronze statue of St. Euphemia, patron saint of Rovinj, which replaced the former wooden one.

2. Take a walk in the old town

The old town of Rovinj has preserved its original appearance of a historic town centre located on a peninsula overlooking a picturesque harbour. Take a stroll along its most well-known streets: the Carrera, dotted with shops and galleries, Bregovita Ulica, and finally the Grisia, famous for its open-air painting exhibitions.

3. Discover bike trails in the Golden Cape (Zlatni Rt) Forest Park

The protected Golden Cape (Zlatni Rt) Forest Park is particularly popular among biking, jogging and walking enthusiasts. Magnificent Himalayan cedars, exotic cypresses and typical Mediterranean vegetation blend here to create a unique backdrop for your favourite sport activities.

4. Visit the Batana Museum

The batana is a flat-bottomed wooden boat typical of this area. In this museum, dedicated to this traditional boat type, you can learn more about the long history of fishing in Rovinj and watch a 15-minute movie about batana construction accompanied by bitinada, a local form of a capella singing.

5. Visit Monkodonjo

The walled Monkodonjo archaeological site with its well-preserved Bronze Age remains is located five kilometres from Rovinj and consists of three main parts: the central barrow, the crafts district and the living quarters. It is estimated that approximately 1,000 inhabitants lived here.

6. Bird watching in Palud Bird Reserve

The Palud Bird Reserve is a protected area only a dozen kilometres from Rovinj. Located right next to the coast, this area includes a wetland, lush vegetation and brackish water, and attracts many bird species. Its biodiversity is the result of the specific combination of wetland and sea.

7. Dine at the Wine Vault Restaurant

The elegant Wine Vault restaurant in the 5-star Boutique Hotel Monte Mulini offers a unique gourmet experience that combines French cuisine with an extensive wine list including more than 550 selected wines from Croatia and all over the world.

8. Dive to the Baron Gautsch shipwreck

The Baron Gautsch, a passenger steamship of the Austrian Lloyd company, built in 1908 in a shipyard in Great Britain, operated on a regular route between Trieste in Italy and Kotor in Montenegro. She sank in 1914, and her wreck still lies at a depth of 40 metres. Today this is an attractive diving site.

9. Sport fishing

Being home to a wide range of fish species, the waters off Rovinj's coast, dotted with coves, islets and rocks, are very popular among sport fishing enthusiasts.

10. Swimming and sunbathing on Red Island beach

Red Island (Crveni Otok) is made up of two islets – St. Andrew (Sveti Andrija) and Maškin – connected by a narrow strip of land with one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria. Take a walk in the park, which has more than 120 plant species, and boost your energy levels at special points across the island. Do not forget to visit Count Hütterot Castle and the mausoleum on Maškin.